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About us

Beautytools is an international company specialized in manufacturing high quality products at a fair price, intended to be used by professionals in various fields. We have been creating a great variety of surgical and healthcare instruments since 2000.

We differentiate ourselves from everyone by having in-house advisors and collaborating with the highest demanding professionals out there. Therefor, every product we offer has been thoroughly tested by people who use them day-to-day.

Our products are handcrafted from the highest quality materials available. We chose to use high quality Inox for many reasons. Inox is a very stable material which insures a long life experience and the finest finishes. It also allows our customers to sterilize our products using their preferred method ( UV light, Chemicals, etc.). Last but not least, Inox can be hardened at a very high temperature, which results in a long lasting sharpness, important for our hair scissors and nail cutters.

 We are involved in every step of the production, making it possible to offer our products at an extremely affordable price. We also make our products in great quantities, allowing us to reduce our costs, which is pretty noticeable for our customers.

Beautytools employs professional advisors to help the ones who aren’t familiar with using surgical and healthcare products. This makes it possible for us to have a very strict quality control as every single piece is checked by our advisors. The professionals we collaborate with on the other hand make it possible for us to test every product so it meets their demand, fits in their day-to-day use and performs as planned. This allows us to proudly announce that our products are crafted for professional use.

Adding to achieving our goal of providing the best possible products, we ensure our clients of the wanting quality, by offering a 60 day satisfaction guarantee.